Tuesday 23 October 2018


The Astrovian arms build up continues with the introduction of some light troops.
I wanted to portray border troops from the Marlburian era... so didn't want to use SYW Grenzers, nor did I want to use the Croats I have for my TYW collection.
In the end, on the grounds that this is an imaginary army anyway, I plumped for some suitably ragged chaps from the Foundry Cossack range.

Here are Karavani's Croats which I've given a sort of themed/ semi-uniformed look:

Next, I'm working through some loose ends in a number of projects, and adding to this one too. So the workbench has Macedonian Successor peltasts, Napoleonics, TYW, and Astrovian artillery all on the verge of getting paint applied! I'm enjoying the variety, and the fact that I'm getting through some things that have been in the "pending tray" for some time. It's very cathartic!!


  1. They look wonderful, painting, basing, and banner, excellent job!

  2. Very nice and probably far closer in look than any uniformed lot.

  3. Thanks for your comments. I'm pretty happy with them. They'll do the job!
    Prince Lupus, you're right... a dangerous, nasty bunch of brigands!

  4. Phil, these are really great. I love all the different poses, but the chap with the tankard takes the prize! I don't expect you expect them to fight well apart from skulking, taking the odd high value prisoner & looting, but for this they look the very thing! Excellent! Cheers, Rohan.

  5. What rules are you using for the ancients? Really like the light troops and am a little bit inspired to start a piedmont marlburian i have been promising myself.