Wednesday 24 July 2019

Back from the Brink

In my previous post I made reference to a possible new project that had crossed my mind...
And thanks to those who commented and threw up their hands in horror, implying that I'd lost all credibility as a paragon of wargames focus!

You'll be pleased to know that, when I reflected on the benefits of the new idea, and compared it with what I am already doing with the Wars of The Vaubarian Succession (WVS), the latter won hands down.

A salutary lesson... 

So, how did I draw myself back from a precipice that would have seen me descend into a chasm-like new project?

First, I considered why it was that Steve and I had chosen to do the WVS in the first place. 
I revisited my notes: the rationale for choosing the period, the imagi-background, the figure range, the painting style, the rules,  the terrain style, the unit organisation and basing style, the planned steady build up of forces with teaser battles along the way. It all still makes sense. I just needed to reconnect with it, and pick up the brush again.

Second, I considered how much I had already got done for WVS. it dawned on me that whatever the new project, it would take me quite a time to get to where I am already with WVS. So there would be no net gain for quite some time, whereas by just knuckling down and continuing with WVS, I already have a platform to build on.

Then I got stuck in, started a fresh unit, and will have something to show for that in the next week, I hope.

Sometimes, a rest is as good as a change! The brief respite from painting WVS figures was just the break I needed.. 

So, we're back on track!.
Phew... that was a close one!


  1. I've learned over the years that I'm always happiest when focused on one wargaming project in depth. It does take quite some self-discipline to resist the lure of the fresh new project so congratulations on pulling back from the cliff edge :-)

    1. Agreed Steve... and it's something I keep re-learning! Phil

  2. I do this quite often. Get enthused for a new project, sketch out the ideas and requirements, put it aside for a few days and then just bin the idea to concentrate on core projects. Having said that if I have cash in my pocket and the temptation is there I do have a habit of giving in and then selling on later.

    1. Temptation is a powerful thing... and with social media, blogs, forums etc, it is all around. I will also have a few things for sale soon!!

  3. There are lots of eras I'd love to take a stab at, but in the end, focus always prevails. . . I come to my senses and stick with the mid-18th century. Seems as though I am in good company.

    Best Regards,


    1. You're so right Stokes. Focus prevails... like it.

  4. Phil,
    Following your example, I have been noodling about an imaginary world for a toy soldier collection. Laying out a map, naming the countries, determining the level of technological development, establishing a baseline dynamic of border tensions.....suddenly i was much more emotionally invested than I was when dutifully copying dry history. So far I have not touched a paint brush or purchased a figure, but I am so excited about the project that I may not be able to sleep. Holy kamolie!