Tuesday 27 August 2019

The Battle of The River Elbow

A while ago, Steve and I discussed a scenario which would suit our needs for the Cotswold wargames Day being organised by Keith Flint for this coming weekend.
We needed something that was appropriate for just a few units per side, and that looked sufficiently interesting in terms of terrain to give the armies a good 'run out'.

We settled upon an old favourite... The River Elbow, originally published as an article in The Wargamer's Newsletter c 1979, by David Barnes. The lovely sketches accompanying the original article are just so very special too.
Our game will be loosely based on this one, and I'll come to that in a future blog post.
For now, here is the original article.


  1. I like this scenario, could work with my 40mm Napoleonic's, look forward to seeing your interpretation.


  2. Sorry to come to this a little late Phil, but I now realise I had a go at this scenario myself a few years ago - in fact, 2012.It's great to see the whole article as well. Thanks for posting!

    My version

    Best wishes, Keith.