Monday, 24 February 2020

What have I been painting?

What have I been painting?
Don't tell 'em... Pike.

As in Successor pikemen.
This is the third phalanx unit for the fictitious (imagine-Ancients) Macadamian army.

Here are the three pike units arrayed together...

My  solo Successor campaign, in the Acrymonia Peninsula (don't bother looking for it on a map; it doesn't exist) is starting to formulate in my mind's eye...

Here's the projected armies... Macadamians v Antithesids.

The Macadamians will also be appearing in Henry Hyde's Bathelas campaign.
The joys of the Successor period, of course, mean that for that particular campaign, elements of the Antithesid army might join them to add extra variety.

All the fun of the ancient world...
Later this week, though, Steve and I will be having a game in a different period (or two). I'll do an update on that at some point either later this week or at the weekend.

Meantime, I might just have an hour or so at the painting desk on the next unit in the queue.


  1. Lovely units Phil, naturally... The Successors is a wonderful period of history to study with some larger than life characters.

  2. I'm liking The Macadamians. I bet that they will drive their opponents nuts.

  3. Damn you're organised. I usually find I'm short of bases about half way through a painting project having relied on the fact that there always seems enough mdf bits in the bucket of bases. I do like the figures and painting - exquisite.

  4. A very impressive body of men, love all your neat work on the shields

  5. Thanks all. Your comments are much appreciated. I'm enjoying this project very much indeed. It's quite a change from my normal 18th century focus. Best regards. Phil