Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Painting Output Q1

The increased painting output (very much aided by the current world situation) for the first quarter of 2020 has been encouraging.
I decided to tot up the points … It came to 151 - infantry being 1 point, cavalry 2 points (one each for horse and rider)|, elephant and crew 10 points. 
This is not necessarily a huge output compared to many, I'm sure, but it does represent a considerable upturn for me after some more fallow years. Almost a return to the dizzy heights of 2006-2009 when I was able to knock out 600-750 'points' per year.

Here are just a few of those units...

It's tempting to think that it has been a 'Successor-ful three months'.

I am in the process of basing up another pike unit for the successors project, and once I've done an Army General, I will be ready for a little game.

Over the Easter holidays, I had intended to make some terrain boards for the successors project, but with the D-I-Y stores closed, I am unable to procure the required materials, so I have invested in a battle mat which I hope will be winging it's way to me over he coming days. I will place on some suitable terrain bits n bobs and go from there.

Yesterday, noting Keith from Aventine's post on FB that he is solo operating at the moment, and is inundated with orders, I decided to add my support by ordering some cavalry. I am in no rush for them, and am happy to wait, but thought a small business like that could maybe do with every little bit of cashflow right now... Well, this afternoon, I got an email to say the figures are cast and ready for posting. Well done Keith. Top level of service.

Hope you're all keeping well. Take care, take plenty of rest, and keep wargaming!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Christopher. All the best. Phil

  2. Awesome looking Nellie! 👍

    Are you painting Persians as well?

    1. Thx Jim. No, not Persians... Just two opposing Successor armies.
      Best regards. Phil

  3. Phil,
    A question do you recall if the Wargames Holiday Centre Malburian rules ever had Jacobite Highlander rules ever added? If so can you shine any light on what they were? I know it is long ago and far away but I wondered if you might have jottings in an archive somewhere. Having just read Jenn Scott’s new book I feel some Jacobites might be marching to the painting desk..
    All well here.
    Stay safe

    1. Hi Alan. I think at one point I created some rules for the Killiecrankie stuff which I called "Oh for an hour of Dundee!" that were based on the WHC rules, but I only used the, a couple of times in solo games. No idea where they are now I'm afraid. From memory, we counted highlanders as raw troops when firing, and counted them as 1.25 strength in melee. They also got extra bonuses for charging, and were allowed to charge formed foot (whereas other troops could only charge shaken foot or defended obstacles). Good luck with it... I look forward to seeing reports of action on your blog. Best regards. Phil

    2. Most helpful Phil, it will give me something to think upon...