Sunday 22 November 2020

Did anyone order Chinese?

The build up of forces for the Kaimenistan (pronounced Ky-men-istan) expedition continued this week.

As yet, the composition of the sides is rather shrouded in mystery. The Brits shown last time, of course. But who will they fight? Who will they ally with?

Meanwhile... a Chinese warlord is amassing forces on the border, and threatening to extend his influence west into Kaimenistan. 

So, here is the first unit of Chinese infantry:

These are Copplestone figures. Lovely to paint. And fairly simple... so i was able to speed paint them; Fifty Shades of Brown-y- Grey.

More of these to come.

A couple of Chinese officers also...

I'm also working on a whole load of buildings, and other terrain items too. Inspiration is coming from all angles. Not least frequent visits to the now archived Major General website.

With so many possibilities for this project, it's difficult to keep it in check. I'm already thinking planes, trains, automobiles ... and boats.

Rules will be the popular "Setting the East Ablaze" which have a certain flavour and ethos which fits for me.

So, back to the workbench. Thanks for your interest and comments. 


  1. Very nice. Those officers are a bit slim to be Akim Tamiroff as Colonel Peng (out of period I know but so deliciously non PC).

  2. Great looking unit...splendid officers!

  3. Gidday, Phil! Sorry to be "late to this party" but I now have a few days off & catching up.

    What a wonderful surprise to see this project and the progress so far is great. The rules you have chosen almost (I say with fingers crossed) got me to start a collection in this era. I have always loved the Rolls Royce armoured car!

    However you have inspired me to look again at the Darkest Africa figures somewhere on the back slopes of the "lead mountain".

    Best wishes and keep safe & well, Rohan.