Sunday 28 February 2021

The Heavy Mob!

Here are the latest to come off the workbench for the Vaubarian Army of 1704 (ish!)...

This is the second Cuirassier regt (von Netzer):

And here is the Heavy Brigade commander - Graf von Durnberger

... and the whole brigade:

CR1 Vogts in the rose pink cuffs and flag,
CR2 Netzer in green cuffs and flag.

All figures painted and based by yours truly, along with flags - hand painted on metal foil.

Figures are Front Rank (with a couple of Foremost horses added in for variety).

I'm in full flow on this project again now, and have kept up my tally of 80 'painting points' in the first two months of the year, which I am pleased with.

Other news:

I was sad to hear of Richard Ansell's passing, renowned figure designer and sculptor (most notably for the Minden/ F&D figure ranges). My sincere condolences to those who were closely associated with him in the hobby, particularly Jim Purky and Graham Cummings, and to his friends and family.

Better news: I was delighted to see that a 'live' Partizan is planning to go ahead in October... something to look forward to. Now wondering if I could get a game together for that... I imagine it will be one of the best attended shows ever, all things being well! Let's keep our fingers crossed. 


  1. Lovely looking unit Phil, the blue facings on grey is very effective

  2. Lovely unit, the brigade should see off their opponents :)

  3. Massed Kuirassiers are always appealing. These are especially nice.

  4. Great figures, Phil. Rose pink & sky blue just seem a natural combo, and the green with sky blue a close second. These should give the Astrovians a run for their money! Cheers, Rohan.

  5. Super brushwork, Phil! Your handpainted flags on foil are little works or art.

  6. Phil, a quick query about foil flags. I have some foil from the tops of Milo drink tins. This seems reasonably tough though perhaps bendy, so do you find that with use the flags bend a bit, and if so, does the paint flex off? Or have you some "cunning plan" to prevent this? Cheers, Rohan.

    1. Hi Rohan. The flags are made from aluminium sheet which I get from 4D modelshop. Splits in the paint can be a problem if you fold it too harshly, but I find it's ok for gentle bending to produce shallow folds. Hope that helps. Phil

  7. Thanks for all your comments guys. Much appreciated. Phil

  8. More great units Phil, they look a force to be reckoned with. Particularly like the flags - simple but very effective. Chris

  9. Those are very fine Phil, as are all your collections I think. I always enjoy seeing your work and your games.