Sunday 19 September 2021

Alexander and Companions

The continuing story of the Rise of Macedon army...

Here is the newly painted Prince Alexander, and his Companion Cavalry...

I have added a new page to the blog devoted entirely to this army (see pages list to the right hand side).

The army will be getting an outing next weekend when Andy will be bringing his Greeks to do battle. My Oracle is already practicing his dice rolling, watched carefully by Philip of Macedon!

I notice an upsurge in ancients amongst fellow bloggers who are normally firmly in the Horse and Musket era. It's all great stuff...people like Jim (Der Alte Fritz) and Graham (Scotia Albion) and others too are engaged on interesting projects. Pay them a visit. It is always worth popping over to their blogs for the inspiration...


  1. They look beautiful, Phil. I hope the last photo of the Companions is the view I’ll get as they run away next weekend. I can only hope!

  2. Super work, Phil! So, is ancients gaming/painting picking up generally?

  3. Simply beautiful figures and pictures. I’m not sure how the Ancients bug hit me, but right now I’m all in.

  4. Excellent looking figures, full of atmosphere.

  5. Such a great range of models. I assume your red lances "go faster"!
    You're right - ancients big uptake in ancients especially old school 28mm gaming, like you we're back into WAB and loving it! Enjoy your game.
    Best wishes,

  6. Cracking work Phil. High quality stuff.

    I do love those Foundry Macedonian sculpts- they are very bit as good now as when they were released.