Sunday 13 November 2022

Very Flattered

It's always good to have your hobby efforts appreciated, and I am indebted to those who comment on what I post. Similarly, it's great when people make positive noises about games put on at shows - not that that is what I do it for. It's always good to be acknowledged, however.

And so, I was delighted and highly flattered to see a blog post elsewhere devoted entirely to photos of my recent game at Partizan.

I've never met Tom... but here is the post in question:

Tom's Toy Soldiers (

Here you will find some very good photos of the game. 

Next time you're at a show Tom and I have a game on, please do say 'hi' and introduce yourself. And thank you for your post about the game.

Best regards



  1. A cracking blog post from Tom, good blog as well! Some top notch eye candy on show, very inspirational.

  2. Your table is a joy to behold courtesy of Tom's Blog. Just the sort of period to get my creative juices flowing!

  3. Ditto both comments above Phil.


  4. Lets be right Phil, your game was very beautiful. Im not certain that was what you wanted to achieve, but when you see lovingly painted toys it does make one very happy. My favourite was the hussars, brilliant.

  5. Echo the previous comments! A beautifully crafted game especially the working windmill. As I noticed from my own game nearby it was visited and held a captivated audience! And duly aided by your glamorous assistant Lisa.