Friday 9 December 2022

Something fresh

A few years back, I painted several units from the North Star 1672 range. They subsequently ended up back in Nick of North Star's hands when I abandoned the project. But I've always loved the figures.

So, recently, I fancied doing a few again.

Here is French Regiment Auvergne:

I decided to reduce the 'uniformity' a little by doing some different shades of main coat colour, and also to vary the breeches a little, and some of the hats too.

I'm quite pleased with the result.

Not sure where this is leading, but I have enjoyed painting them.


  1. This regiment looks great, Phil! Start of a new project?

  2. The North Star 1672 range is a really super collection of figures. Your first regiment is lovely, top notch work on it and I like the slight changes in coat, hats breeches colours, works well. I really hope you do more as this is a great wee taster!!

  3. Nice job Phil, I like a base that offers up a bit more once you start to stare into it.

  4. Loves figures, excellent castings enhanced by your painting and basing. I will be interested to see where this takes you. Reducing the uniformity has been a great decision.
    Alan Tradgardland

  5. Fantastic looking regiment, great late 17th century eye candy.


  6. Nicely done Phil. Are you still painting your flags on linen?

  7. I started a similar project Phil, and because the figures were so good I expended a lot of love on them before realising I couldnt face doing two whole armies of them. I then sold the lot for a song. I regretted it then and still regret it now, so best of luck.

  8. I like and paint these figures too, so was pleased to see these here. Do you have plans to do anymore?