Friday 28 April 2023

Pictures at an Exhibition

Well, not quite an "Exhibition"... more a Museum.

In my previous post, I mentioned The Arctic Convoy Museum which is near Poolewe on the west coast of Scotland, on the North Coast 500.

As part of our recent trip, we enjoyed a good hour or so here.

Some snaps of the various exhibits:

There were also some touching contributions from Russian schoolchildren thanking British sailors for their courage and bravery in helping save their country in their hour of need.

Given the current world climate, that was quite moving.

As was this prayer in one of the many journals on show:

If you ever find yourself in the vicinity, it really is a place to visit. The staff were very friendly too. There are more sites around the area connected with the Arctic Convoys which we struggled to access as time was short, and the motorhome was quite large to get down some of the lanes and side-roads.

That's all for now... soon be back to posting about wargaming again!


  1. We were there last year and I agree it is a nice little museum and well worth a visit. I have to admit that before chancing on the place I had no idea of the significance of the area in WW2.

  2. Thx Stryker. I knew the area had been important in ww2 but was totally oblivious to the existence of the museum. A little treasure trove. Thanks for commenting. Best regards. Phil

  3. Thanks for the post! Big greetings to you from Russia. Your help was really very important to us at that time.

  4. I've visited Scotland a couple times, but never heard of this one. We got to the Orkneys for a day trip , but that was it for the far north. I'll make a note of this one for next time. Thanks!