The Thirty Years' War

This collection was previously featured on The Breitenfeld Blog.
Many of the figures were designed and created as one-offs by Brian Rigelsford.
Here are just a few images...
more coming soon...
Updated: 29 October 2014
... and at last, here are more pictures picked out from my archives...








  1. Hello Phil,
    I only recently purchased the complete (so far) editions of 'The Wargames Annual' and started to read in historical order. Please imagine how my mind was blown away on your articles outlining your TYW project. I was also in the process of producing a Swedish Army with the possibility of a Spanish/Hapsburg army, after reading your excellent articles my enthusiasm was reignited, I can only congratulate you on so impressive a task, I loved your vignettes and the ideas you used for your camp I must admit to have copied. Please tell me what happened to the later articles, do they lie some where waiting to be published? Please please continue to issue photos from your archive they give inspiration us poor mortals!
    Kindest regards
    Ian Hedley

  2. Hello,
    Phil please, please add more photos and info from the TYW blog, I followed the blog via the articles, in the Wargamers Annual however I only purchased these this year and the blog had finished. So please continue with the info.

  3. Phil, only just getting round to looking at your archives since most of them are armies I know nothing about. But I can still recognise wonderful figures and clever ideas, and your past armies fully justify the effort of putting them up on the blog again. It was seeing your previous War Cabinet featuring 18th century figures back in about 2009/2010 that really inspired me to contribute to CWJ and eventually to become a blogger myself. Thank you for your continuing inspiration.Please keep at it and, for the sake of the hundreds/thousands of enthusiasts in the real world, don't get too distracted by AMG!

  4. Yes Phil, please post more photos if you can, of this wonderful collection.

  5. Lovely figures, painting and terrain, great to see them again, but my memories of seeing them for real is that they are even better in 3D

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone! Much appreciated.

  7. Hi Phil,

    Your pictures are always an inspiration, especially your TYW pike bolocks!
    A quick question which range are the mounted harquebusier firing come from?