Colonial Project

The Ghabazaar Imperative

In the late 19th century, in the fictional colony of Ghabazaar, the British forces are hard-pressed to resist a variety of uprisings.

Below: The Action at Wadi Malakh

Above: rebellious locals led by Emir Khat in the south of the colony.

Below: the fine upstanding gentlemen of 'A' Platoon, 1st Company, The Fulchester Fusiliers, commanded by Capt Terence Flickwitt and Sgt Norbert Collins.

For those who wish to follow the goings on in Ghabazaar more closely, I'm considering creating "The Ghabazaar Gazette" - a sort of irreverent, whimsical broadsheet, probably as a downloadable pdf.
Announcements will be made when the first issue becomes available.

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  1. Phil, I should like to go on the "mailing list" for the "Ghabazaar Gazette", please. While I don't game the era (yet, anyway ;-) ), I always enjoy reading about these games, ever sine my mate, Gerry Webb of Castaway Arts miniatures, introduced me to TSATF game & his very politically incorrect campaign. I also have purchased Carlo's new Sudan rules! So, carry on up the Ghabazaar! Cheers, Rohan.