Monday, 2 September 2013


Yesterday, Partizan.
Good show. Enjoyed meeting up with a lot of people. And thanks to all those who shared their enthusiasm and kind words about War Cabinet being back online.

I was particularly delighted to see that the 1672 figures I painted just a while ago, and which I sold at the first Partizan show in June, were already “gainfully” employed by the new owner on the North Star 1672 game! Well done lads. Nice game too.

Here are the units...

And here, on the game…

With apologies. I never intend taking pictures at shows, but on this occasion I couldn’t resist, so out with the iPhone. Hence the rather basic level of photography.

Also of interest ...
... to me at least, was Aly Morrison’s game:The Battle of Hooke’s Farm - a Little Wars affair, using the Little Britons range that Aly designed for Spencer Smith Miniatures.

A rather smart Lieutenant and the Naval Gun team.

Aly had lots of retro gear in evidence, including these rather dashing binoculars with which to view the enemy! Here he’s sizing up a charge!!

… and next picture shows the charge going in…

Aly reliably informs us that the bloodbath on the day resulted in only one surviving figure. Namely his Commander-in-Chief.
Personally, I was disappointed that the guys were using dice!!!
As I said it was rather like Bob Dylan “going electric”. The gauntlet is laid down for matchstick firing guns, and I have no doubt that the brains of Aly Morrison and Dave Andrews will come up with something!!

Tomorrow, back to the new project…


  1. Nice to see you yesterday too - a quick hello because you were busy talking to Aly. Excellent figures and terrific games all.

  2. This game really harkens back to my youth when I would line my Britains up on the floor and battle my plastic figures would be the rebels fighting the empire. Sometimes simple terrain is more effective than complicated terrain boards. Aly's game looks very neat and tidy.


  3. Thanks Jim and GM.
    We should have got chance to speak more GM... these shows are never long enough to get chance to see all the games and chat with everyone are they? After all, there's serious shopping to be done too!