Friday 30 August 2013

Campaign Characters

With every campaign project comes a host of characters who, to a greater or lesser extent, will play a role in the coming conflict.
Whilst I don’t want to go over the top at this stage with developing personalities and the like as I’ve got some way to go before they will be required, I feel it's worth introducing just a couple for now...

So, here is Teresa Pepisa, aka Tessa Pepisa
(aka Tipsi Pipsi when not in earshot, owing to her being known to like the odd gin or two).
 As daughter of a wealthy Italian financier, she attended the Austrian Hapsburg court on a number of social occasions in the 1720s and, once in the limelight, was soon spotted by a visiting King Ferdinand Adolphus of Pils Holstein. Rumours of her dalliances with him, which apparently broke the late-Queen’s heart, were heightened when she first gained an estate in Pils Holstein. Spending a lot of time there one spring, she was awarded honorary colonel-ship of the Holstein Hussars and an unspecified role as “General of Light Horse” adding to the speculation about romantic endeavours.

Tipsi is a Suren figure, painted many moons ago.
The ADC, Major Ligue, is a John Ray designed Hussar, again painted some time ago. His unit, The Transvladachian Uhlanen (Transvladak Lancers), will appear in due course (I have them painted, but can’t give you too much in one go, can I now?!) Tipsi’s unit, The Holstein Hussars, is also painted and again, look out for them in the near future.

Next, Johann von Arfeld.
A Brunswick officer, allegedly a dashing commander, a claim he will get chance to prove in the coming campaigns I’m sure. He has been awarded the post of Commander of all Pils-Holstein’s cavalry.

This vignette is by John Ray, painted by Mark Allen. Figures are John’s creations, the ADC being a Suren conversion. This piece was a kind gift from John, and is much treasured.

Talking of John Ray, I see there's news about his new book printing just up on his webpage (see "A Military Gentleman" link on right).

That's all from me for this week. Off to Partizan on Sunday, so may see you there.
Have a great weekend.


  1. some interesting and beatifully painted personalities - I like Tipsi Pipsi best

    -- Allan

  2. Careful Tidders! "Liking" Tipsi has been known to precipitate national scandals and much gossip in Court. Can Wittenburg withstand such "tittle-tattle"?!

  3. Phil, I recognize von Arfelds horse from the Connoisseur range. Can you tell me which stock number that horse is so that I can order a few too. I noticed that John Ray uses that horse frequently too.


  4. Love the narrative so far. Figures look good too, especially Ms. Tipsi.

    Best Regards,


  5. Hot stuff that Italian lady, Phil. Do you think she'd fancy being painted unbuttoning that pelisse by Hussarette enthusiast Count Gregorius von Grunburg?

  6. Looks like Tipsi is already gathering quite a fanbase!
    Thanks for all your comments guys.