Tuesday 27 August 2013

Justified and Ancients

Firstly, thanks to all who have commented, followed the blog, and emailed me personally. I am genuinely overwhelmed by the response to this mad indulgence! It shows my decision to resurrect the War cabinet was justified. 

Second… I was unhappy with the picture of the Kronenbrau Kuirassiers I put up previously. So here is a better version (I think).

And third… Ancient archive...

I’ve started putting a couple of pictures in the Ancients Archive (see navigation bar, top right hand side).

starting with Sassanids

The Byzantines… previously I did a mini blog within the old warcabinet website, journaling the development of this small project, and this subsequently featured as articles in the early issues of Battlegames magazine…

In addition, I’ve included my Mongol Army, which was fantastic to build.
It’s an “army” in the WAB (and Impetus) sense… around 50 cavalry figures.

It has seen wide service, as Khazars facing the Byzantines above, as Mongols of course, and being drafted into the 17C Cossack rebellion as Tartars… such versatility is one of the benefits of a horse archer army. The figures are Curtey’s Miniatures: full of real character, and charm, and lovely to paint.
And, the Mongols are for sale...
Having served me so well, along with a couple of Sung Chinese units, these are for sale.

So, if they are the sort of chaps who you would like to have on your shelves, and to smite foes on your tabletop, make me an offer at Phil(dot)Olley(at)blueyonder.co.uk.

There are 50 cavalry figures (including the command vignettes), and 42 infantry.
I’m looking for just 700 gbp (that’s around 10 per cavalryman, and 5 per infantryman).

I’ll be at Partizan on Sunday, so if you want me to bring them and have a look, let me know. Similarly, I may also get to Colours later in the month if you want to pick them up there.



  1. some fantastic eye candy you are giving us. Loving this new blog already
    Peace James

  2. Some great looking figures, love the Byzantines!

  3. Thanks all.
    Glad it's hitting the spot. I'm enjoying trawling through all my old pictures to be honest... very therapeutic.

  4. Hi Phil,

    Great to have you back in 'Blogland' again. Very much looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeves.

    I really enjoyed seeing those old pics again- a true blast from the past.


  5. Thanks Darrell. And thanks for popping in to visit the blog.
    All the best

  6. Absolutely love the Byzantines!