Sunday 25 August 2013

17th Century Poles & Cossacks Archive Gallery

Whilst the new project gathers momentum in the background, in the meantime, I thought I would just build some of the archive galleries.

One of my favourite projects was in creating a display game of the Cossack Rebellion 1648 based on the Jerzy Hoffman film “With Fire and Sword”.
I can’t believe it’s 6 years ago since I put the game on at Partizan in 2007.

Flambuoyant Polish Winged Hussars, siege towers, the Cossack Sich Drum, and storming parties, plus that moving windmill, all added to the fun.

For the full archive gallery, see the archive page link top right of this blog.


  1. Polish winged hussars - possibly the greatest military unit of all time??

    Wonderfully presented as usual Phil.

  2. Fantastic, love the paintjob, and the banners...

  3. Cracking stuff - I've been looking for a copy of that film for an age.

  4. So glad you have done this Phil, I really missed all the inspirational archive images when they went away - thanks a lot.
    Have fun,

  5. I'm with you Prince Lupus on Winged Hussars!
    Glad you are enjoying the updates everyone, and thanks for your encouragement, appreciation and kind words.