Tuesday 30 June 2015

Nice in NICE

I don't normally do non-wargaming posts on the blog, but on this occasion I thought I would make an exception, not least because there are some images I wanted to share that I found useful from a wargaming perspective.

Last post I mentioned "Life's Rich Tapestry", and it certainly has been (and thank you to all who commented).
But don't get the wrong impression...
The tapestry has been all positive, including a few days' break in Nice recently.

As a bit of a treat, Dianne and I stayed at Nice's finest hotel, Le Negresco... world-famous and beautiful and barmy.

And it sports a fascinating d├ęcor, collection of artworks, and a few items to interest the travelling wargamer.
Here are just a few images.

Above: Surely, inspiration for a palace interior. The chimney breast is in fact 17th century and was transported to the hotel from a castle in The Dordogne.

Below: Items on the landing area on the fourth floor, just outside our suite.

And in the bar...
a statue of Joan d'Arc, along with several uniforms from the 1860s period.

Plus, shown below, a picture of The Great Conde - although Monsieur Mark Allen disputes this, suggesting the picture is in fact of Louis XIV... any thoughts?

These are just a few of the immense collection of artworks, and other ornamentation that adorns this magnificent hotel.

Last, but not least. If you ever find yourself in Nice, take a trip up to the war memorial - a huge edifice, sculpted into the rock face. A very impressive monument to the fallen.

Right, back to wargaming stuff next time, I promise!


  1. Phil, if you stay at places like this you will get a taste for commissioning some impressive paintings for your own home. I can imagine now Comte Philippe D'Orly in a wide gilt frame :-)

  2. Staying in the Negresco - I am very jealous - I love Nice.

  3. Thx Chris and Pierre.
    Yes, Nice is very lovely. Been there before, but this time was extra-special.