Friday 1 January 2016

Strategy for 2016

Now, it's time to look forward to the year ahead...
I like to make my plans specific and succinct.

"Man with no target, hit nothing" - Old Chinese Proverb.

So here goes:

1. The 18th Century Pils-Holstein collection.
At the moment, I'm right on track with this. So for 2016, I want to get the armies to the next stage:
  • Pils-Holstein and Prussians - 10 Battalions of infantry. Therefore need to have a further 4 battalions completed in 2016.
  • French - 8 Battalions of infantry. Need just 1 more in 2016.
  • Astrovians - 5 Battalions of infantry. Need to finish basing the 2 I've painted, and add a further 3, all of which are in progress.
In addition, I will add more cavalry to all sides, a Grenzer unit to the Astrovians, and a field battery to each side.

2. Colonials
I'll create enough units to have some games. This is a more vague approach, as it's really just a "side-project".
Ideal for 2016 would be:
  • Sudan - a company of Brits and a tribe of Dervish (mixed Hadendowah and others).
  • NWF - a platoon of Brits and a clan of Pathans, plus some additional bits n bobs.

The fun of this project is that it is rather unbridled, and I don't feel the need to constrain with too much of a strict schedule, although having enough basic units to game with is priority.

3. Games
Really must do better this year.
Watch this space...

4. Shows
  • February - Vapnartak, York. Hotel and trains are booked for a weekend in York with Dianne. On the Friday and Saturday we'll do York touristy stuff (I love the place). On the Sunday, the show is in the diary for me, while she gets to do more shopping/ relaxing at a spa or something! Looking forward to it.
  • April - Salute, London. Yes! This will be my first ever Salute (bet that comes as a shock to many!) I've never been able to fit it into my schedule in the past, but I'm due to be in London that weekend anyway this year, so...
  • May - Partizan I, Newark. Looking forward to the new venue.
  • September - Partizan II.  ditto.
  • A.N.Other show sometime in autumn. Warfare/ Crisis/ something like that.
I may do a Display Game at one of the Partizans.

5. The Blog
I'm not one to let the hobby be driven by the need to report everything on the blog, so I don't always post stuff as it happens. However, I will do more frequent posts this year. And I have a plan to add a different aspect to the blog ...

6. The Ghabazaar Gazette?
I'm mindful that I should not "contaminate" this blog (which is primarily devoted to the 18th century Pils-Holstein project) with a load of stuff on the development of my Colonial "side project" (Victorian sideshow?!).
BUT, I still want to share progress with those who are interested.
So, I may create "The Ghabazaar Gazette" as an irregular, infrequent, as-and-when, downloadable PDF, and include game reports, project progress, and other Colonial snippets from Sudan, NW Frontier, and other goings on in Victorian England. That way, that stuff stays "off blog"... I'll simply announce the latest issue as I complete it.

That looks like a decent approach to the year.
Of course, all things are subject to change, the value of investments can go up as well as down, and your home may be at risk if you do not keep up yadda yadda... and any number of other caveats.
But, I'm happy that I have a plan, at least...

Looking forward to having your company on the journey.

By the way, please do comment if you have a view on The Ghabazaar Gazette idea (see point 6 above)...


  1. Happy New Year Phil,
    A tip for your trip to Salute.
    Use the floor plan of the show to plan what you want to definitely see, because otherwise the sheer scale of the show will blow you away.
    What I found works, is that I list all the games I want to see, and also list all the stalls I definitely want to visit.
    Leaving me time to then wander around after that.

  2. Go Phil, go! I think your late dog Jethro would approve heartily. It all looks and sounds very interesting, and I will look forward to seeing/reading more in 2016 as you share it.

    Happy New Year and Best Regards,


  3. I think that your plan is sound, Phil.

    I would be interested in seeing the Gazette. I am not opposed to 'cross-pollination' on blogs, but a PDF download is just fine.


  4. Sounds good will watch this space.


  5. Thanks all. Hope you have great things lined up too.
    Here's to a prosperous 2016!

  6. Good luck keeping it up Phil. While primarily interested in the 18th century project I will follow your Colonial efforts however you choose to report them.

  7. Many things exicting to follow...Happy New Year!

  8. Looks like you've got yourself well organised - plenty for you to do. "The Ghabazaar Gazette"would be interesting to see.

    Happy new year.

  9. Thank you Chris, Phil and Allan.
    Happy New Year to you all.
    Best regards

  10. It was a thoroughly enjoyable TSATF bash we had at Gordon, delighted to hear you are dipping your toe back into the waters of the Nile. TSATF is undoubtedly one of the best sets of rules for proper Boys Own games. Now you have me thinking of getting back into the Sudan.

  11. Great to hear from you Pat. Ironically, just the other day, I was thinking about that game we had when I visited you in Gordon.
    How are you doing? Hope all well.

  12. Excellent plan for the year Phil and very much envious of those wonderful shows you will attending in the UK. Enjoy. By the way, very interested in hearing about your TSATF games.

  13. Thanks Carlo. Hoping to have enough stuff done for the first TSATF game by March.