Saturday 28 May 2016

Austrians and Prussians

Have finished 3 battalions of 1770s Austrians, which will act as fictional Astrovians in my mid-18th century Pils-Holstein campaign.
The figures were created by John Ray, who sold me a whole load of them several years ago. I hadn't done anything with them until recently when I decided on a speed-painting experiment.

They were awarded their flags (courtesy of Mark Allen) last weekend as we journeyed to Partizan.
Regiments shown are: Kaizer, Deuchmeister, and Salm-Salm.

 Figure painting by me, flags by Mark Allen.

Also not shown before, the Prussian IR5 battalion...

Figures, from my own range, painted by Dave Jarvis, flags by Mark, based by yours truly.

I came back from Partizan as inspired as I had been by Salute. Met lots of people, enjoyed the chatter and the games, and the new venue. Well done to the organising team.


  1. Great looking figures, Phil! Might you describe your speed-painting experiment on the Astrovians in another post? It is always interesting to read about how others tackle the job of painting a bunch of figures.

    Best Regards,


  2. Excellent show at Newark last week - no danger of slipping from the 'Premiership' there.

    Lovely work on the figures. Nostalgia without looking 'old fashioned' to me. Great!

  3. They look great - just how speedy were they?

  4. Some great additions to your collection.

  5. Lovely looking figures, good to see the collection growing also, very nice flags.


  6. And I'll second the request for a post on your speed painting! :)

  7. Thank you chaps.
    The painting worked out at 23 minutes per figure, and they are actually a little better than the photos show.
    For those keen to know more about the speed-painting method, there are some posts a little further back showing the initial steps, and some more details in my replies to previous comments.
    In essence, I undercoated these figures white (Halford's car spray), before blocking in basic colours. Then I used the dip method, and then a coat of anti-shine varnish. This was followed by highlighting all areas, including white coats and belts etc, as well as a little more attention on the faces. Very simple. I'm happy with overall effectiveness of the method anyway.

  8. Very nice indeed Phil. I too am an advocate of your style of speed painting - very effective and I'm glad you have your latest batch of flags to present to them.