Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Roaming to Rhodes

At the risk of turning into Alan Wicker, here are a few snaps from our recent holiday in Rhodes, posted here simply because some will be of interest to those who like fortifications and can build such things in miniature...

The moat walk affords an ideal view of the imposing walls...





The old town, in parts practically unchanged for hundreds of years, has a fantastic atmosphere.





Our hotel provided lovely views from the 11th floor restaurant balcony out over to Asia Minor, just a few miles away. I can imagine ancient peoples looking across the short stretch of water and wondering what could lie within those vast lands...


That's all for now.
Not much to report in the way of wargaming, although being in hot climes with ancient histories always stimulates thoughts of new armies!


  1. It looks beautiful, and all that history makes it my kind of place. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. You look relaxed and happy, Phil. Nice to see.

    Best Regards,


  3. Hi, Phil. What a great place to relax.

    It still looks the same as when we visited in the 90's (no surprise really!) I just loved all the fortifications, and the moat walk was fascinating - I was intrigued by all the stone cannon balls lying around. It is a great place to see the evolution of fortification in response to gunpowder weapons.

    The relocated Roman mosaic floors in the Mussolini built great hall were also fascinating.

    A new period to game.... come on, you know you want to & there are some really nice Ottomans coming on the market, too! ;-)

    Cheers, Rohan.

  4. Yes, its a lovely location to visit, when I was there there were periodic strikes so we had to plan our visits to historic sites carefully so we missed them.

  5. Lovely photos. Brings back memories from when I was their on holidays thirty years ago. We stayed right in the centre of the old town. I remember being amazed how freely you could walk around the old fortifications. It certainly opened up my eyes to a whole lot more history.

  6. Lovely photos Phil, heading out there next week!


  7. Great photos Phil. I will have to go there one day. Thanks for placing them up on the blog.