Tuesday 23 May 2017

Faith Restored - Partizan

Well, Partizan last Sunday certainly did the trick.
After the disappointment of Salute (in my eyes at least), the turnout of "proper" historical demo games at Partizan was right up my street. A real tonic, just when I was starting to wonder if I was in a completely different hobby, out of step with the rest of the wargaming world.
It was as if the "Old Guard" (and I say that with all due respect), had been ordered in to save the day, with the names running the games being in many cases the same guys who were running games at Partizan 20+ years ago. The Perries, messrs Andrews and Morrison, Barry Hilton, Graham Cummings, and so on.

Here are just a few images (I know I'm late to the party as many pics have already appeared elsewhere, but...)

Starting with Graham Cummings' game featuring his own Crann Tara range of figures. Excellent game, Graham.

Next, Aly Morrison and Dave Andrews' WWI masterpiece...

The Perries' Napoleonic affair in the desert sun.

Steve Jones' Bunker Hill game.

Apologies to the games I didn't get round to photographing. I was so engrossed in the positive atmosphere and chatting away with fellow gamers all day that I often simply failed to get my phone out to snap the pics.

The whole day was refreshing, and I was particularly delighted to meet up with wargaming pals who I hadn't seen for a number of years venturing south from Scotland.
One of those fellows was Steve Shaw. Now, Steve was the guy who designed the master figure for my mid-18th century infantryman for the Pils-Holstein project. And it just so happens that only last week I was over at Griffin collecting almost 500 fresh castings, this time including some cavalry too.

This represents the move into the second phase of the project.
And coincidentally, I'd already agreed that I'll put on a game at Partizan II in August, so Pils-Holstein will finally get a public airing! After the inspiration of the past weekend, I'm really looking forward to it. Based on the quality of games seen at Sunday's show, I'd better get my act together, and "up my game!"

All the best for now...


  1. I had the same feeling too about the show and am thinking about putting a game on for August as well. scary that we both had the same experience.

  2. Phil,
    First it was good to chat and yes you're right it was a good return to some 'classic gaming' but the balance I felt was right between the demo and participation or boutique gaming as I like to call it.
    I also noted that there appeared to be a significant increase in younger people and those of the fairer sex at the show.
    I hope to be trading and gaming in August and it will be great to see Pils- Holstein in action

  3. Phil: I've had the same positive impression of Partizan just from my reading of all the various blogs and forum postings, even though I wasn't there in person. The quality of the games, terrain and figures is the type of inspirational work that always attracts me to the hobby. The social aspect of the hobby is equally important so it's good to hear that you were able to meet up with many old friends.


  4. I'm sad I could not make it this time. The pictures I have seen show some splendid games.
    I'm looking forward to Partizan II to see what you put on.

  5. I much prefer Partizan to Salute any day of the week. I'm glad you and everyone else had a good time.

  6. Hi Phil,
    Good to see you at the weekend, we all enjoyed our trip down from Scotland and the show certainly lived upto our expectations.
    A great weekend all round.


  7. G'day, Phil!

    I really enjoyed this writeup and the pictures. It is great to hear you are 'spiritually refreshed" in gaming terms, and I look forward to seeing reports of your August project and outcome. One day I hope to escape the Antipodes & make it to one of these events...on the bucket list :-)

    Graham, I really like the drummers bases with space fora mini-dice casualty marker...I may well adopt this for other periods.

    All the games featured in the pics look spectacular. Many thanks for sharing, Phil.

    Cheers, Rohan.

  8. Thank you Phil for the great pictures. After friends' reports of Salute I was a bit despairing of shows so it is good to hear this one is a good showcase. So pleased your 18th century project is still going strong.

  9. Good t hear that you are putting a game on, if I am around I will be sure to call in to Partizan. Look forward to seeing the cavalry you have collected.


    p.s. lovely pics from the show