Sunday 11 June 2017

Return of the Queen

Picking up the Pils-Holstein story...

... the last we heard of Teresa (Tessa) Pepisa, aka Tipsy Pipsy, she had returned to Astrovia at the ailing Emperor's request. Turned out she was not the daughter of an Italian merchant/ financier at all, but none other than that of the Emperor! And now, she was set to inherit the title of Empress of all Astrovia.

Having left her beloved King Ferdinand Adolphus back in Pils-Holstein, the latter had reacted with bitterness and heart-break in equal measure. And his old friend Professor Klickstich's network of spies had been hard at work to find out all that was happening in the court of the soon to be crowned Empress.

Now, whether by their own machinations, or not... things had begun to go awry for Tipsy Pipsy.

Her life had revolved around King Ferdinand Adolphus, around the fair lands of Pils-Holstein, and love-sickness and home-sickness began to set in. Coupled with the shock of discovering her true heritage, and the weight of responsibility now sitting on her shoulders, she found herself alone in a strange court, in a strange land, not knowing who to trust.
Her father was ailing very quickly, a man she had never known. And courtiers, particularly those at the traditional end of the spectrum, were doubting whether the new arrival would be able to lead Astrovia in the way that was "best for the Empire".
Despite her arrival in Astrovia initially being greeted with a wave of enthusiasm for her charms by the people of the capital, certain rumours, grumblings, and "spin" had begun against the Empress in waiting.

And than it happened. Major Ligue, Tipsy's trusted ADC, reported murmurings amongst the troops who had defected from Pils-Holstein with her - The Holstein Hussars, and Transvladak Uhlanen, for whom she was Honorary Colonel.
Many of these men had families back in Pils-Holstein, and the realisation dawned now that they could well find themselves at war with their homeland. Ligue reported these facts with courtesy and calmness. He knew the possible outcome.
Love conquers ambition.

And so it was that Tipsy Pipsy began the ride home, to Pils-Holstein, to Ferdinand Adolphus, with the two Light Cavalry units as an escort, just as they had previously left for Astrovia in the middle of the night.
Professor Klickstich had already informed King Ferdinand Adolphus that, in his estimation, she would be on her way very soon. And so, when the gates of the palace courtyard were opened to receive the entourage, rousing cheers of a huge crowd accompanied the long awaited re-uniting. At last!

As Tipsy Pipsy dismounted and rushed across the cobbled courtyard of the Palace of Altgard in the capital of Pils-Holstein, into the arms of King Ferdinand Adolphus (her "sweet FA"), far away in Astrovia, the father she had never known breathed his last.

Above: Tipsy Pipsy and Major Ligue.
Below: The Holstein Hussars


You've seen these pictures before, but a blog update without pictures seemed a little lame.

I've got loads of basing in progress on the workbench, and stacks of terrain bits n bobs that I've been working on of late, all gearing up for a Display Game at Partizan in August.
So with Tipsy Pipsy reconciled with King Ferdinand Adolphus, there's only one thing for it... an excuse for The Astrovan Empire to offer support to the French who have designs on Pils-Holstein.
The scene is set... And King Ferdinand Adolphus has only one place to turn for support. Prussia!

Over the coming couple of months I'll report on some of the build up to the action, in the hope that those who follow the online preparations might come along on the day and see the table at Newark on 20th August.



  1. Awesome Phil.
    You've inspired me for many years and continue with these!


  2. I won't be at Newark but very much look forward to your blogging as always....and this year, I will get a chance to discuss it with you in person and see some of your Astrovians in the Cotswolds.....

  3. Just realised it's worth adding that my art website has been updated today with some 18th century Hussarettes. Click the drawing in the right hand sidebar of Phil's War Cabinet

  4. Glad to see Tipsy Pipsy is back in the saddle, look forward to seeing the forces assemble.


  5. I shall look forward to seeing this at Newark Phil - I'm putting my 40mm Peninsular game on as well so I feel your pain !

  6. Thanks guys.
    I'm enjoying the rejuvenation of the project... although there's lots to do before it's ready to be seen in public!
    Your encouragement is much appreciated.

  7. Phil, I am really enjoying following the tales of Tipsy Pipsy and Pils-Holstein & Astrovaria, and look forward to further instalments. happy painting & basing, and also Happy Waterloo day! (not withstanding the "Paris Dispatch" above.)

    Best wishes, Rohan.