Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Commanders- Heroes and Villains

Final preparations are done for my Partizan game...

Time to introduce and recap the protagonists in the Battle of Neerfuncken

Pils-Holstein and Prussia

Prinz Albrecht of Pils Holstein
King Ferdinand Adolphus' most trusted field commander, his "Uncle Albrecht".

Hans Karl von Winterfeldt
Commander of the Prussian contingent. One of Frederick the Great's most loyal generals.

Tessa Pepisa
Beloved of King Ferdinand Adolphus, and Honorary Colonel of the Pils-Holstein Light Cavalry Brigade.


France and Astrovia

Marshall Saxe
One of France's most famous 18th century generals. He is in command of Franco-Astrovian forces for the Pils-Holstein campaign.

Jean-Phillipe, Duc d'Orly
Commands the cavalry. A fictional character whose ambition far exceeds his ability!


Brigadier von Rankl
Commander of the Astrovian contingent.
Astrovia is also a fictitious country, but think Austria and you won't be far wrong.

All are gathering, with their respective forces, in the vicinity of Neerfuncken, a small town in Pils-Holstein.

Today, a patrol of Bercheny Hussars operating several miles ahead of the main French force, came within sight of Drau (a hamlet to the south east of Neerfuncken).
This sketch depicting the patrol is a beautiful piece of art by Chris Gregg which he produced for me a number of years ago (I have the full colour original hanging in my office):

Tomorrow, I'll be posting the sketch map made by the patrol commander of the town and its environs and providing a little more background to the area.


  1. "We're so sorry, Uncle Albrecht. We're so sorry if we've caused you any pain." Wonderful command vignettes, Phil!

    Best Regards,


  2. What a rogue's gallery Phil! So pleased to see that vedette of the Bercheny hussars is earning their keep at last - what is the going price for a scrawny chicken in Drau these days?

    (Go on show 'em the colour know you want to)
    Chris G

  3. Yes Phil - I'd love to see the colour version of Chris's work - I do miss his military photographs ahem ....