Sunday 13 August 2017

The Defence of Neerfuncken

A few days ago, in the fictional state of Pils-Holstein, a brigade of infantry (comprising The Leibgarde and The Kronprinz Grenadiers) arrived in the town of Neerfuncken.

Today, 13 August 1747, the overall field commander of Pils-Holstein forces, Prinz Albrecht (the King's uncle... and affectionately referred to by the King as "Uncle Albrecht"), took the opportunity to pose for reporters in front of the town gates.
In a grave tone he declared, "We will fight them in the fields, we will fight them in the vales, we will fight them on the hills, in the towns and in the villages. We will never surrender! We will defend Pils-Holstein, whatever the cost!"

Quickly, the engineering staff officers began calculating fields of fire and considering appropriate positions to create a number of gun emplacements to defend the approach routes to the town.

By the end of the day, the company of sappers and a host of "volunteer" infantry, had erected several emplacements, including one to house the infamous big gun, "Der Grossenbomber".

At least for a while, the activity kept the troops out of the taverns of Neerfuncken. As night fell, however, many sought to forget the impending battle by succumbing to the pleasures of the town...

All of which is merely to say, preps for Partizan are going well! I'll do several updates this week in the build-up to the game. If you are at the show next Sunday, be sure to visit the table and say hello.


  1. Hope to see the display next Sunday

  2. Excellent Phil. Love the figures and the command bases. But really love the gate - presume it is scratchbuilt?

  3. Like the gatehouse; nice 'build-up' back story

  4. Thanks for the positive comments guys.
    Richard - yes, the gatehouse is scratch-built. A Brian Rigelsford masterpiece which I painted around 7 years ago.