Wednesday 11 July 2018

Building Book

At one of my recent modelling masterclass evenings with John Boadle, he showed me some of the reference books he uses. Many people make miniature buildings which are generic, and look ok. John has taken his research to a different level... he is perhaps a "beam counter" when it comes to half-timbered Germanic buildings. 

Whilst I don't think for one moment that I want to emulate such detailed craftsmanship as John, one of his reference works was just too good not to go and buy straight away.

My copy arrived recently.
It's a weighty tome, packed with information, distinguishing variations in design and construction of buildings in different regions of Germany. Its pages are packed with sketches, plans, and other inspirational imagery, so although I can't read the text, I have plenty to enjoy in this book...


  1. What a lovely reference book

  2. That looks like a fascinating reference! I might just have to track down a copy myself to have on the shelf. I trust Pomerania/Pommern and Prussia/Preussen are among the chapters?

    Best Regards,


  3. Thank you Phil, that is interesting and useful.

  4. What a splendid resource and inspirational text to have. I really look forward to seeing what the book inspires you to create.

  5. Thanks all.
    Yes, Stokes all regions, including Pomerania and Brandenburg, East and West Prussia... as well as Saxony, Hesse, Bavaria, etc etc.
    It certainly is an inspiration, and I'm very tempted to add some more buildings to my collection. It's one of those books that draws you in... it's a great "flick" (rather than a great read).

  6. Thanks Phil. Found one on Abebooks at a reasonable price too.