Wednesday 18 July 2018

Speed painting workbench

At the moment, I'm focussing on getting the Wars of The Vaubarian Succession (circa 1704) in full flight. This involves some speed-painting of Astrovians. And yes, some dipping was involved, and anti-shine varnish... 

Here is a section of my workbench, full of half-painted lead.

The untidiness, and unfinished-ness is setting off my wargamers' OCD alarm bells. So I'm using this post to ask for forgiveness and understanding and reassurance!
Just a few more sessions to go and these will be finished, I keep telling myself! 


  1. Phil, I like your "recipe card" for the paint colors that you use for your figures. It's a great idea.


  2. The dipping is very good for white coats Phil youve done a great job there.

  3. Your painting table looks like Wargamer Heaven to me, Phil!

    Best Regards,


  4. Some good ideas here, Phil, and a great job on the figures. I will try dipping white coats - I find these chaps the hardest to paint & tend to put them off on the painting schedule. The "recipe" card is a very useful idea, too. Cheers, Rohan.

  5. I have used the white dipping method before... first on some Napoleonic Austrians ages ago; then also on the Astrovians I did for the Pils-Holstein campaign. I like the speed it provides, and the fact it makes the detail stand out in definition which helps the highlighting process.
    The recipe cards idea is one I've been using for many, many years. I have a whole pack of them. It means I can paint new units for existing armies and match the colours by referring back to the sequence I did previously. I also have them for basing, for flags (including dimensions, lengths of flagstaff, etc). Sad isn't it?!!!
    Best regards