Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Knife Angel and a "New Faction"?!

Pottering around Coventry town centre recently, I stopped at The Knife Angel installation outside the Cathedral.
It's a very powerful piece of art, and well worth a look.

I recently called into a local Games Workshop to stock up on paints. 
The usual question was deftly delivered as I browsed the paint racks... you know the one:

"What is it you're painting at the moment?"

It's a great opening gambit.

And, I usually just reply, "Oh, I just paint historical stuff, y'know."

To which the well-trained shop assistant usually says something like, "Oh cool... like Napoleonics?" (I have often mused that their stock period might be "Napoleonics" on a Monday, "Ancients" on a Tuesday, "American Civil War" on a Wednesday, and so on).
"Well, mainly 18th century" is my usual response, and that's where the brief engagement usually finishes.

But this time, I decided to be a little mischievous...
So, the exchange went something like this...

Assistant: "What is it you're painting at the moment?"
Me: "Have you heard of Vaubarians?"
Assistant: "Erm, no."
Me: "Well, I shouldn't really tell anyone... But, it's a new Faction that GW are bringing out next year. I've got all the pre-releases to paint up for the online shop, White Dwarf, the catalogues, and codexes. Y'know, like they do. Now, you must promise not to tell anyone, or we'll both be in real trouble!"
Assistant: "Wow! No problem. that's fab. Just let me know if you need anything."
Me: "Yeah, it's cool... I just have to keep all the receipts so I can claim it all back from GW central. But I can buy what I need. So, thanks for your help."

I was careful to make sure I used such 'down-wiv-da-kids' lingo as "Faction" and "Codex" and the like.

Well, it kept me amused.

Next year, of course, I'll have to tell him that they pulled the range in the end, but that they often do that...

Anyway, if you've read this far, you deserve a couple of photos of Vaubarian Cuirassiers. This is regiment Vogts.

The reverse of their flag features St Sebastian... patron saint of Vaubaria.

Thanks for visiting, and for all the recent comments. Much appreciated.


  1. Naughty boy. Fancy still buying from the Dark Side.

    1. I like their paints, and they're easily available (if a little pricey). Other than that, I avoid looking at anything on the shelves and racks in the shop!

  2. They ALWAYS ask that question don't they 1

    1. Always... and it's a fair question. in fact, in retail shop assistant terms, these guys are really good. I just fancied a bit of fun!

  3. Replies
    1. Thx Will. I felt a bit devilish, but at least I bought a load of paints to offset my guilt.

  4. Funny response and great looking cavalry!


    1. Thx Christopher. I'm finding the cavalry very enjoyable to paint for this collection.

  5. Fantastic! That'll teach the little beggar.
    "And your wise don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick"

    Wonderful cuirassiers.


    1. Thank you Vladimir. I'm not sure many people will get the Jethro Tull lyrics reference, but much appreciated! Best regards. Phil

  6. I agree with you Phil, that, within limits, most GW assistants are pretty good, but I had one conversation that went like this.
    (looking closely for a particular paint)
    Asst: Can I help you find something?
    Me: Yes, I'm looking for Flesh wash, you seem to have changed all the names...
    Asst: Well, what is it you are painting? Orks,Elves,Skavens,Eldars?
    Me: No, er, Humans actually.
    Asst: In that case you need Ogryn Flesh
    Me: Ah , I see ?
    (silly me!!!)