Wednesday 17 April 2019

Spring update

It's been a great start to 2019, and as we hurtle headlong to Easter, I'm at the paint-desk at last.
In the next few days, I'll have a fresh unit to show for these efforts, but meantime, what has been keeping me occupied?
in other words, what is my mitigation for not posting about model soldiers and wargaming these past few weeks.

First... a bit of trumpet blowing, with no apology whatsoever...

I'm very proud that over the past 2 years I have led a project, putting on "Strictly-style" dance competitions here in Coventry to raise funds for a local baby hospice. The first year (2017), we raised £64,000. 
We recently got the final tally for 2018; £90,000!
No mean feat (or feet... pardon the pun). 


I get to chair the project, and MC the shows... which is hard work, but great fun.

Amongst all that, Dianne and I recently had a bit of a break in Alicante.
Lovely place, and a well-earned rest...

Can't get enough of the local castles... they're so Moorish! (groan!!)

Anti-Social? Moi?
It was drawn to my attention, that my 2007 Polish Winged Hussars game was being lauded on twitter recently, courtesy of Henry Hyde. Thanks Henry.. and to the many who retweeted, liked and commented. with the exception of keeping a 'watching brief' on certain FB wargaming groups, I don't do wargaming on social media (I have my reasons), but I am grateful for all the kind comments. 

This week, and next, I'm taking some time off for Easter, so expect some actual painting to take place, and the odd picture to appear here.


  1. Phil, an amazing effort with the fund raising and for such a worthy cause. Any Moor pics of the castles? :-D Cheers, Rohan.

    1. Thx Rohan. A few Moor pics, which I may get round to sharing at some point. It wasn't the best example of a castle, but great views from up there.

  2. Congratulations Phil of your outstanding local community efforts. Looking quite dapper may I add!

    1. Thx Carlo. White tie and tails makes it difficult to tell the dapper chaps from the cads and bounders!

  3. What a great result for a worthy cause.