Sunday 29 December 2019

Justified Ancients

With most visitors to the blog being hardened Horse & Musket fans, I was pleased that so many responded favourably, in the comments and via personal messages, to the previous post about the Macedonian Successors.
I've taken a few more photos and updated the Macedonian Successor page (see navigation links to the right...)

More on the Macedonian Successor page.

Tomorrow, news of a horse and musket battle...


  1. In truth, any well-painted and presented figures -- along with the potential games for which they are intended -- win my admiration, Phil. The Art and Craft of the Model Soldier. There's a book title for you!

    Best Regards for 2020,


  2. Lovely work Phil! Excellent looking Successors!

  3. The Ptolemys had Galatian Celts as a guard, great excuse for wild fanatics sky clad. Would add another dimension to the army...
    for an interesting article
    for illustration including native Egyptian troops in the background.Tempted?