Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Christening the new Wargames Room

A festive encounter...

The little town of Muhldwein (pronounced 'Mulled-Vine') is all a buzz with rumour, gossip and speculation.

As shepherds watch their flocks in the hills around the windmill, troops of the Vaubarian army arrive in the town.

Word soon spreads that an Astrovian force is just half a day's march behind them. And then further news... as well as the essential supplies afforded by the town, that must not fall into Astrovian hands, it turns out that The Elector's Christmas Chest (containing gold coins that are dispersed to honourable citizens and loyal subjects throughout the land over the festive season) is also stored in the town. It must not be captured!
Further news has it that a relief force is on the way, hoping to arrive before the town falls to the Astrovians.

By early next morning, having worked through the night, the small garrison (Breitner regiment, Muller Light Dragoons, and a single gun) has begun collecting stores in the town square ready for evacuation, and has erected some rudimentary defence-works.

Regiment Breitner stands and waits...

Enter the Astrovian army...

Battle is about to be joined...


  1. Great looking table. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out

  2. Beautiful set up Phil, as is to be expected, well done.

  3. Things are shaping up for an interesting encounter. Happy New Year!


  4. Happy new Year, Phil. I hope it's a good one for the hobby. It's a great looking set up - a town worth defending. I like the way you have maximised the space by putting the buildings and waterway so close to the edge. Great troops, lovely terrain and all those little vignettes that bring it to life. I look forward to more.


  5. These are the sort of christening I enjoy, as always looks most impressive