Thursday 2 January 2020

Battle - Opening moves

By mid-morning, the Astrovian force under The Reuchsgrafen von Schwarzenatter had arrived, and deployed into line of battle to begin a steady advance towards the town.

Open fire!
The Vaubarian field gun stationed in the town opens up on the advancing Astrovian troops, targeting the Grenadier regiment and causing the first casualty of the day. The red marker indicates the casualty caused. The other counter indicates that the grenadiers will need to take a morale test at the end of the turn (because of being fired on by artillery... a test the Grenadiers subsequently passed very comfortably. Brave chaps!).

Meanwhile, Vaubarian dismounted dragoons (regiment Muller) hidden at the edge of the woods open up with a first volley on the Astrovian Karavani Croats.

The Croats suffer 2 casualties and will also need to take a morale test (for receiving over 10% casualties in a turn)…. a test they narrowly fail, forcing them to go 'Shaken' (indicated by the yellow counter in the photograph below). This means they must remain halted next turn, although they are able to fire (with a reduction to effectiveness).

The Astrovian advance continues.

The firefight between the light troops continues at the woods.
The Croats inflict a single casualty on the Dragoons (who are in cover, of course).
The Croats suffer a further 2 casualties and this time their morale test gets even worse, and they are forced to retreat (a compulsory move they will make at the start of the next turn).

Meanwhile, the grenadiers did not suffer casualties in the second turn, but now, they have advanced to just within canister range and receive 3 casualties from the jubilant Vaubarian gunners in the town.
However, the Grenadier morale holds.

The Astrovian Croats have retreated (having taken a total of four casualties, a 3-figure stand has been removed, and a single casualty marker remains). The right hand Astrovian gun has unlimbered to deal with the pesky Vaubarian Dragoons. Having moved and unlimbered, it cannot fire this turn, but is well placed to open up next time.

You'll see that the Astrovian Schrodinger regiment has also started to wheel towards the woods, ready to move in on the Vaubarian light troops too.

The Dragoons this time turn their attention on the deploying Astrovian artillerymen, inflicting one casualty.

And then, a Hussar ADC arrived, with an urgent and important message for the Astrovian commander, Reichsgrafen von Schwarzenatter.

More moves tomorrow as the battle continues...


  1. Lovely looking table and looking forward to the next AAR instalment.

  2. Great looking game , what rules are you using ?

  3. Lovely game Phil, good to see you back in the swing of things.