Friday 3 January 2020

Battle of Muhldwein rages

An initial note on proceedings as people have been asking... The rules in use are a heavily adapted version of the very old WHC marlburian rules. I've adapted them for 20-figure infantry units (as opposed to 16s), and also tidied up some specific areas around things like moral and light troops.

We left it yesterday with the opening moves having taken place and the Astrovian infantry advancing upon the town.

The Croats began turn 4 with a compulsory retreat move.
The Vaubarian dismounted light Dragoons decided, faced with a freshly unlimbered Astrovian gun and infantry regiment Schrodinger starting towards them, that it was time to return towards the town through the woods.

At that point, the Astrovian hussar ADC reached Von Schwarzenatter with the message that a considerable Vaubarian relief force was less than an hour away to the left flank. His own hussar patrol had been tracking them for over a day. Important news indeed. Schrodinger resolved to press on at best speed with the infantry advance.

The Vaubarian artillery once again caused casualties on the Astrovian grenadiers. And then the Vaubarian infantry, regiment Breitner, opened up with a very powerful first volley, inflicting 5 casualties on the Frankl regiment.

At the end of the turn, the Croats reached the baseline, but rallied... The first bit of good news the Astrovian command had had all day!

But, both the grenadiers and Frankl regiments narrowly failed their morale tests and went shaken. They would be unable to advance next turn, although they would be able to fire. They would have to hope they could dislodge the Vaubarian defenders with firepower alone!

The next turn firefights were again in favour of the defenders, however, and with the light Dragoons forming up to fair the defenders, the Astrovian infantry this time wavered and the. Went into retreat. However, the firefight had taken its toll on the defenders too, with both the Baubarian artillerymen and regiment Breitner going 'shaken.'

Turn 6 saw the retreat of the Astrovian infantry and the Schrodinger regiment making a half move (very short wheel) to face the enemy and present its first volley.the Astrovian gunners were also starting to Joe.  The firing with some counter battery fire.

At the end of the turn, the Astrovian grenadiers rallied, although regt Frankl continued to retreat.

But all was not well for the defenders who were now coming under pressure from the continuing attritional battle. Both the artillery and regt Breitner went into retreat, and headed across bridge and stream to return to the cover of the town.

A view of the stricken field...

And no one had noticed, meanwhile, the arrival on the right hand side of the Astrovian baseline, a regiment of Astrovian hussars, hastening to the sound of the guns!

Tomorrow will see more new arrivals... will the Vaubarian relief column arrive in time?


  1. Looking surprisingly balanced by the end of this post, earlier I was convinced Astrovia had failed.....

  2. Great looking game. Lovely troops and buildings.

  3. This reminds me of old TV and movie serials. Will they make it? Can they hang on? Will help arrive before disaster strikes? I'll make sure to tune in again next time.

    Best Regards,


  4. great looking game, super setup.

  5. Looks superb, colorful and superb!