Sunday, 19 January 2020

Workbench update

One of the dangers of having a permanent table set up in the wargames room is, of course, that it gets covered in clutter, work-in-progress, and other paraphernalia (wargames magazines, newly purchased books before they find  the right place on the right shelf, and so on).

In a bid to prevent this happening, I've resolved to always have a game set up. And at the moment, there's a WVS game all ready for me to play next weekend (I'm away all week).

Which is why these new peltasts have been photographed just as they come off the production line on the workbench rather than on the proper table.

I'm pleased with how they've come out and am spurred on to do more Successor stuff over the coming weeks. The eagle-eyed reader will be able to spot, in the background, Cretan archers, all prep'd and ready for painting. There's also a phalanx unit ready too, and I've got many more units in the little stockpile which will be prep'd up whilst the cricket is on in the background today (if the rain in Port Elizabeth doesn't persist!).

All the best for now...


  1. A sound idea, Phil! And the new figures look delicious.

    Best REgards,


  2. Sharp looking group- I like the bright clean painting.

  3. Lovely work on those figures. I know what you mean by a cluttered game table. Mine really needs clearing off.

  4. Nature abhors a vacuum and fills it with something. An empty Wargame table is a vacuum so it stands to reason that it would quickly fill up with clutter.

    The interesting thing is that all Wargames can relate to this.


  5. The peltasts are very nice. I like the colours. Cheers, Karl

  6. Great work Phil. It will be a pleasure to game with those figures I'm sure.