Sunday 22 March 2020


From the 8th century BC to the 3rd century BC, the Skythians were a nomadic people who occupied large areas of the Black Sea and Middle East region.
They were highly accomplished horsemen, and in the Hellenistic period supplied mercenary troops to many of the Successor forces.

Just a small unit, in WAB terms about the minimum size. They can, of course, fight for either side, although, for now, they're firmly with The Antithesids, as long as they get plenty of spoils and pay.

These little cavalry units are all well and good, but I think it's time for another pike unit to add to the Antithesid phalanx. So that's what will be next on the workbench.
I'm also considering what to do about terrain for this project. Might create some boards over the coming weeks. We'll see.

One thought: during these difficult times for all, perhaps we can especially remember to support the many small, self-employed, traders who provide our hobby with so many great products, for those who feel it's possible. In the weeks to come, I'll be putting in as many orders as feasible for the projects I have on the go at the moment. 

Thanks to everyone who has been commenting on the blog recently. it's good to know that we can all stay connected, even if just in this corner of our little world.
Stay well.
Best regards...


  1. Excellent unit Phil and good reminder re traders.

    1. Thx Alan. Keeping the butterflies fluttering and making the odd purchase will make such a difference to those traders who need our support. At the end of this, I want to find that our suppliers are still here. Best Regards. Phil

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers. They were fun to paint. I could have done more with the various patterned trousers etc, but sometimes less is more. Best regards. Phil

  3. Just as I imagined, spot on. Though few in number, they look like they could be a nuisance in a game.

    1. Thx Steve. I think nuisance is their modus operandi, their raison d'etre, their ... magnum opus. We'll see how they fare. Phil

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    1. Cheers Phil. An enjoyable little weekend project. Best regards. Phil

  5. These are looking very nice indeed. One of the units I painted forty or so years ago was a five figure unit of Minifig Scythians - which now reside in the collection of a friend in the Isle of Man's wargaming group. It may be that the Scythians were in the minds of Jewish writers imagining the apocalypse and the hordes from the north so they're topical too!
    Having recently reread Bar Kochva's book on The Seleucid Army, I shall look forward to your next phalanx.
    I'm using the extra time indoors to try and reduce the lead mountain but I'll bear in mind your thoughts about the smaller retailer.

    take care everyone,


    1. Thx Stephen. Many years ago I also had some 15mm Skythians, maybe minifigs, maybe TTG, which I was very fond of. I painted them when I was supposed to be revising for finals at university. 1984. Best regards. Phil

  6. If I recall these fellows can be a useful "pest" in WAB games.
    Great job especially the oval bases!
    Stay safe, best wishes,