Friday, 2 April 2021

Latest unit and Easter Parade

In January I set myself some painting goals for the quarter in regard to the WVS collection...

... and I'm pleased to say that they have been achieved!

Here is the latest Vaubarian unit: IR5 - Ratzinga.
I quite like the pink facings and think they complement the Vaubarian blue nicely.

Note the crossed papal keys as the regimental emblem on the blue flag and in the upper corner on the white flag. The latter follows standard Vaubarian tradition in having the national coat of arms in the centre and the regimental emblem in the top left corner.

Where the regiment does break from tradition is with the drummer's coat which is not in reversed colours. Rumours that the regimental tailor forgot this convention are hotly disputed.

Also shown, the Brigade commander for the second Vaubarian infantry brigade,von Maier...

He commands the Grenadiers and the Ratzinga regiment, and one further battalion to be painted soon.

Here is another small vignette to add flavour to the collection... a Vaubarian officer scouting the enemy movements.

And finally, the Vaubarian line of battle laid out...

Happy Easter everyone...

All the best



  1. Very handsome units, Phil! A real pleasure to look them over closely. And just the inspiration I need to get myself back in the painting chair. The Young Master, who is on his spring vacation this next week has also suggested another tabletop encounter. How can I refuse?

    Best Regards,


  2. I love the Vaubarian Blue, Phil! Beautiful brushwork, as always.

  3. Lovely new unit, nice to see the Vaubarian army out on the table - 'raring to go'...

  4. Terrific stuff Phil and a lovely nod to the Pope emeritus.

  5. A parade and inspection is always a great idea. Looks like you'll have to decide whether you've an army there or just the Advanced Guard!

  6. A very lovely looking unit Phil!


  7. Happy Easter, Phil! I hope the bunny was good to you! Another great unit - Vaubarian Blue with that shade of pink is a visual winner! The army is becoming a formidable force. Sorry to hear about condolences to you and his family. I guess we are of an age that, like a battalion coming closer to the sharp end, we are likely to see "gaps in the ranks". But as they said in Gladiator.."not just yet"!

    Cheers, Rohan.