Wednesday 18 May 2022

The Pils Holstein Project

Continuing my overview of the Warcabinet collection, and plans for the various projects...

In many ways, the Pils Holstein project, set in the mid 18C, is the centre-piece of the collection.

It occupies far more shelf space than any other project, and I have a significant pile of lead awaiting the paintbrush over the coming years.

Although, I haven't done much on it of late, I do have plans to expand it significantly. I even have a number of flags painted by Mark Allen which will be awarded to the units I have in my intended orbat as they are completed.

The figures are my own, not commercially available, and give the collection some uniqueness. The mix of imaginary and real countries adds to the flavour too, I feel.

I will go into the expansion plans in a future post, but meantime here are a few pics, taken in Aug 2017 at Partizan, which is the last time the collection was shown in full...

Talking of Partizan, hope to see a few folk at Newark this coming weekend...


  1. A wonderful display of 18th century eye candy Phil, thanks for sharing,


  2. My goodnes that is wonderful. The figures, flags and the buildings.


  3. Quite superb! A really top notch collection, the whole table is stunning. What a way to start my day!!

  4. Oooooo. Aaaaahhhhhh. Wow. See you Sunday.

  5. Almost five years ago! I remember it well. How time flies.

  6. That's an awesome collection Phil!


  7. Wonderful to see this collection and buildings on your blog again. A great source of inspiration. Any chance of you bringing them down to Cotswold Wargaming Day one year?