Sunday 15 May 2022

What is 'Finished'?

Thanks to those who've been commenting on my past couple of posts about the various projects I am working on - The Grand Warcabinet "Tractor Plan".

Just thought I would follow up on the subject of the TYW and look at what I want to do to get this project "finished".

For the Swedes:

I do have some cavalry conversions that Brian Rigelsford made for me so want to paint those. I could do with a couple more regiments of Swedish cavalry in total.

I also have a rather nice Rigelsford command vignette of Gustavus Adolphus that will look great at the head of the army.

And one more unit of infantry for this army would be good too... possibly a Scots unit in Swedish service.

For the Imperialists:

A couple more cuirassier regiments would give more 'heft' to the army, and maybe another large infantry tercio.

The artillery for both sides needs some attention, and I have most of the figures I need to do this.

There are loads of special vignettes that Brian made that are lovely groupings of figures. These really add to the flavour of the display and will bring it to life.

All told, it probably amounts to around 300-350 'painting points' to do.

Then it will be "Finished"... I think!!!

At the moment, my plan is to tackle this over the two years once the 1704 Wars of the Vaubarian Succession project is complete.

Of course, every wargamer knows that "finished" is a will o' the wisp...


  1. Some superb figures on show. really lovely to see them. It will be a really impressive display game when finished, and yes finished is a word that most of us have no idea what it means!!

  2. Lovely TYW collection, more units to add - why not :)

    My 17C pike and shot collection was 'finished' till I added some more cavalry units and a scottish foot regiment - they'll be in action in an upcoming campaign. If I feel the urge to add more - I'll trot down the garage and cast some more - I've a couple of 'expansion' storage boxes left....never finished ...

  3. Beautiful figures. Is a project ever REALLY finished? I may never know!

  4. I generally class finished as a temporary lull in the painting and collecting of the army. If you remember Lee’s maxim that the ideal size for a collection is 9:4:2 (Inf, cav,art) and that would give a good game for most occasions. Then there’s the vignettes to add and occasionally you may wish to add an additional unit to refight a particular action or just because of renewed interest. Your collection however is superb as always

  5. Nothing we do is ever truly "finished" but there comes a point when you no longer feel compelled to add to the unpainted lead for the project and only add what you want, as and when you want to add it. All very nice and I look forward to seeing this on a tabletop sometime.

  6. Beautifully painted figures Phil, thanks for sharing.


  7. Lovely pieces and an army is never finished until the fat lady is painted!