Friday 22 July 2022

Another battalion

The final Astrovian battalion for my 1704 WVS project.

This is IR6 - Schindler.

Being the final battalion, you might say that they complete the list, but that would be such an awful and contrived pun that it would be wrong to try it.

I quite like the dark grey with yellow cuffs combination, although most of the Astrovian units are in light grey or white. I suppose it's nice to have some variety.

Not sure what I will tackle next... I do have a few things in the pipeline. I rather like switching between mainstream units and then a vignette or two. Having got to 'critical mass' in terms of line troops for now, the vignettes are a luxurious relaxation that I am relishing.

Hope everyone has a good weekend lined up. Hopefully will have another update before not too long.
Best wishes to all...


  1. Fine work, Phil! Reaching critical mass is a great accomplishment.

  2. Another very nice regiment, the colour combination works really well, nice shade of grey.

  3. Another fine addition to the collection.

  4. Excellent looking unit, the grey is most fetching.
    Alan Tradgardland