Tuesday, 5 July 2022

An all Hellenistic affair

The weekend past saw The Old Berks (Steve Gill, Andy Moran, John Kersey, and myself) gather for a game of WAB. We pitted my Rise of Macedon army against Andy's Greeks and fought out a hugely enjoyable and tense encounter, interspersed with banter, refreshments, and a bit of show n tell of our individual projects and lots of chatter about the hobby in general as well as some plans for future games and campaigns.

I have to report that myself (Philip of Macedon) and Steve (a young Alexander the Great) changed the course of history by losing badly to the Greeks under Andy and John's expert command. The Sacred Band, in particular, fought with considerable pride.

Most important... it was fun.

Here are just a few snaps of an enjoyable afternoon...

Thanks to those visitors who have commented on recent posts regarding the WVS project. There will be more photos of that in the next few days...


  1. Sounds like a perfect day! Lovely figures and a simple table that works so very well.

  2. Looks terrific and sounds enjoyable. All Greek to me :)
    Alan Tradgardland

  3. Smart looking game Phil, thanks for sharing.


  4. It still won't allow me to use my Google account! Grr! It was a great game - and good fun, as you say, Phil. More here, if anyone is interested:

  5. Looks fun , and I do like the way that the temple that used to stand in the Cambridge McDonalds has been replicated in miniature on the table:)

  6. Great game and good to see the guys again !