Tuesday, 28 June 2022

More infantry?

The final (?) Vaubarian infantry battalion: IR6 Augenthaler.

(The use of Bayern Munich footballers' names from 1982 continues!).

Really quite pleased with these chaps.

To break up the monotony, I discoloured a couple of the coats, and instead of having all the gaiters white, a few have grey/ brown just to break things up.

The drummer is in reverse colours.

All figures are Front Rank. 

Flags are hand painted on aluminium foil.

Regimental blue flag has a Golden Hart emblem, which also appears near the flagstaff, upper, on the white colour which is dominated by the Vaubarian coat of arms in a wreath as is the standard format for these infantry regiments.

It feels like a bit of a milestone to have finished the six Vaubarian infantry battalions... not a huge undertaking by any means, but a significant point at which to take stock (and wonder whether I should expand the army with another brigade - 3 further battalions - at some point).

Thanks for looking in.




  1. Another Great addition to this exceptional collection.

    As always a PO trademark flag....Wonderful.


  2. A wonderful and colourful looking regiment Phil, thank you for sharing and the inspiration.


  3. A lovely addition to your forces, I really like the idea of the odd different coloured gaiters to break the unit up that little bit, hopefully you will add another brigade to your forces as I really enjoy seeing your work, a real treat!

  4. A fine addition to the collection.

  5. A lovely looking unit Phil. Front Rank do make splendid figures. I do like the flag very much too.

  6. As ever, very impressive, Phil. I love the 'colour scheme'. AndyM

  7. Not sure why I'm anonymous!

  8. These look great, Phil. The variations make the unit very interesting to look at, and perhaps sets them up for being designated as Veterans rather than simple Line regulars? Cheers, Rohan.

  9. An exceptional project which just keeps getting better and better!