Wednesday, 28 September 2022

No sleep till Newark!

It's not unusual to find that preparing for a show means painting and basing right up to the last minute, and I know that's a situation with which many readers will be familiar!

This is the latest unit that will be appearing on the table at Partizan ...

The Pils-Holstein Kronprinz Grenadiers.

Their grenadier caps sport the cypher of The Elector, Ferdinand Adolphus ("sweet FA", to his friends), surmounted by a crown.

I've added a couple of "storming party" bases to this unit as they have a very particular mission on the day. 

The show preps haven't stopped there, of course. I'm currently adding more townsfolk (the good citizens of Brunnenstadt), and I imagine I'll be painting right up until car packing commences.

The painting is not the only thing that keeps me awake in the run up to the Newark show. It's the excitement too. 
I've got a fairly extensive purchase list (although much of that is ordered for collection rather than risking losing out on the day). Some items are for a new project too. Shock! horror!! 

How many sleeps till Newark? Probably none!!

Looking forward to seeing friends, old and new, on the day.


  1. Phil, it’s amazing isn’t it that no matter how many years we do demo games we always end up working until the 11th hour . Unfortunately I can’t come to the show as I’m still on R and R I hope you thoroughly enjoy yourself and have a great show. Looking forward to seeing what the new project is

  2. I particularly like the storming parties, excellent animated work.
    Alan Tradgardland

  3. Why base your figures two months before the show when you can do them two weeks before the show. Been there.

  4. A lovely looking unit, the uniform is very impressive. The storming party vignettes are super, really like them a lot. Looking forward to seeing loads of photos from your game, should be a goodie!

  5. Excited to see the game at Newark having seen the flags in preparation on your painting table!

  6. Very smart and lovely as usual Phil. I shall be interested to learn the objective for those grenades. Chris G

  7. Grenadiers with grenades what's not to like. You can even sing as you go - 2we throw them from the glacis about the enemies' ears. Enjoy the show and the rest afterwards. Look forward as ever to hear about your new Projekt X
    all the best

  8. Fine work there Phil and would loved to have been able to see it in person.