Friday 16 September 2022

Partizan Preps

It’s been a while, and I apologise for not posting over the past few weeks.

Some will have noticed from the Partizan website that I am putting a game on at the show on Sunday 9th October so much of my hobby time has been invested in getting ready for that. I’ve got a few vignettes and special stands I have been working on and another unit of Pils-Holstein infantry that are almost complete.

It will be the first time the full Wars of the Vaubarian Succession (WVS, 1704) collection has been seen in public. It’s not a huge collection (amounting only to something like 350 infantry, 80 cavalry, a few guns and mortars and vignettes) but for me the big prize is to be able to see the fruits of my labours laid out on the tabletop ready to do battle.

I am indebted to Steve Gill who has been a ‘sounding board’ throughout the project, offering advice and ideas, and who will be joining me to present the game on the day.

Other than that, this is very much a “One-Man Band” effort and all figures, flags, buildings, and terrain were painted by yours truly.

I hope to show that, beautifully impressive as they are, not all ‘display/demo games’ need to consist of huge museum-quality sculpted terrain boards made by professional modellers adorned by hordes of figures painted by an army of pro-painters!
It just takes a little focus and discipline and you can create a satisfying game by your own hand too.

For those who are coming to the show, please do pop by the table and say hi. For those who can’t make it to the show, I will post a few photos of the game afterwards.

Meanwhile... a few pictures of the collection to whet the appetite.


See you at the show...


  1. Lovely, they will make for a splendid display at the show.

  2. Looks great, figures and buildings...

  3. Should be a cracking game, I will look forward to seeing your photos of it, such a lovely collection.

  4. Your Partizan project looks superb, Phil. Looking forward to seeing it!

  5. Excellent. I trust that the show will go well. I immediately checked my diary but sadly find I'm committed elsewhere.

  6. Good to see you back to painting and blogging, Phil. I will look forward to seeing you at Partizan.

  7. Really lovely job Phil and yes so satisfying when it's by your own hand in the spirit of the Old Masters! What is it about the Age of Reason that makes it so suitable for imagi-nations?