Wednesday 28 February 2024

February Digest

Following January's end-of-month post, I thought I would do the same for February as, once again, it has been a productive and varied month on the hobby front.

Despite being away quite a bit (business and pleasure), I have been getting a fair amount of time at the paint desk.

Painting points for the month are as follows:

Ottoman Spahis 12 cavalry = 24 points
Tatar infantry = 12 points
Ottoman artillery = 5 points
Muscovite artillery = 5 points
Italian farm for Billhooks game = 1 point
3 tents for Billhooks = 3 points
Cavalry leader + standard bearer for Billhooks = 4 points

Total = 54 points.

... plus the Bob Ross style painting (see post from a couple of weeks ago)!!

Here are some pictures of this month's output:

Spahis (shown in a previous post):

Tatar infantry:

Note the use of sabots. One thing I dislike about movement trays and sabots is the 'gap' left by removing casualties. So,. my own Wargames OCD solution is to create 'spacers' to fill the gap. Think it looks quite neat.

Of course, if you don't want to put them in sabots at all, they can simply look like this...

Ottoman artillery:

Muscovite frame gun and crew:

It hasn't only been the Eastern renaissance project getting the attention this month. In preparation for our recent game of Billhooks, the Condottiere set-up also got some bits n bobs done, such as this farm:

Condottiere tents:

Condottiere cavalry leader for Billhooks:

I named him Luigi Riva (if you were around for the 1970 Italy team in the World Cup, you might remember Gigi Riva... I discovered, sadly, he recently passed away).
I painted this in a bit of a hurry to get ready for the game... the power of a deadline!


My previous post described the Billhooks game we had last weekend... so no more to say really, except that I am already level with the whole of last year in terms of games played!

Parting Shot

I was delighted to see the recent FB post by The Perrys and North Star Nick showing a 1672 game. On closer inspection, I realised that several of the units in the picture were painted by me about 11 or 12 years ago... they were sold on to a well-known show trader in order to find their way back to Nick's collection. So it was great to see them in the photos... one of those 'double-take' moments!

That's about it for the month.
I'll be heading to Hammerhead this coming weekend (browsing and shopping!), so hope to see many of you there.
All the very best for now...


  1. A busy and productive month, your Eastern Renaissance project is particularly interesting to me and you have some lovely figures on show here, all very nice indeed.

  2. Much to like, though I particularly like the spacers made to fit the blank spaces on the movement trays.

    1. Cheers Norm. Spacers are essential! Phil

  3. Lots of great work accomplished and enjoyment had, excellent.
    Alan Tradgardland

  4. My you've been busy and effective. I particularly like the foot Tartars - who makes those? I made spacers for my Polish Insurrection figures but in the heat of battle don't always remember to use them - sometimes they can be tricky to get out again if the fit is snug - still I'm sure it's the right thing to do.
    I was amused by the disparity between the two guns and their likely effect though I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of either.

    1. Thanks Stephen. The Tatars are all Fireforge Games plastics. Best rgds. Phil

  5. Good output Phil! How do you reward yourself when you hit target? Which rules do you use gor the Eastern Renaissance period,? Its certainly a colourful one!

    1. Thanks John. Interesting thought about rewards - the best reward is to treat myself to more figures!!! For Eastern Renaissance I will use an adapted version of my 18C rules... taken back a century! Best rgds. Phil

  6. That's impressive output in a busy month. Lovely colourful looking Ottomans too. Beaut..
    Regards, James

  7. A fine productive month Phil…
    And a nice mix of colourful and interesting toys…

    All the best. Aly

    1. Cheers Aly. Always colourful and interesting! best rgds. Phil

  8. Lovely mix of beautifully painted figures Phil.


    1. Thx Willz. Much appreciated. Best rgds. Phil

  9. Good to see you gaming again Phil. Would be great to see you at the Cotswold Wargaming Day again, if you can pop in. 15th October in Cirencester.

  10. A very productive month there Phil! Lovely figures for your growing collection.