Monday 19 February 2024

Happy Accidents!

Not related to wargaming, but I have been doing a bit of painting of a different kind.

Like many, I became aware of Bob Ross a few years ago, and watched lots of his "Joy of Painting" episodes during lockdown. I always fancied a go.

Having spoken to many wargamers, I know quite a few who had also discovered the great man, so hope this is of interest...

For Christmas, Lisa had organised a special painting day with a Bob Ross accredited instructor.

On Saturday we went along, and had a fabulous day.

Lots of laughs, and a "passable" painting to take home too.

That's all for now... more wargaming stuff shortly!


  1. Nice work on the paintings both of you.
    My Wife and I watched the "Joy of Painting" last year It was a very interesting program. Highly recommended for all modelling hobbyists to watch.


  2. We got addicted to Bob Ross during lockdown and used it as a way to finish off the evenings telly, whilst socially distancing in the house, which was tricky! Both of those paintings lock excellent so now you have the skills to make some superb gaming backdrops;).

  3. I had the same thought as Steve about backdrops for your photos! I guess it's a wargamer thing - everything gets seen through that lens!
    I'm delighted you both had a good day.

  4. It was fantastic to see the paintings at first hand - very true to the BR style too! Definitely high quality but don't go into the art forgery sideline!