Wednesday 9 December 2015

Can you Guess what it is yet?

I've got...
Bought it a couple of weeks ago whilst in London.
And I've ordered...

... because I had sold my old copy a few years back.

And I've added to our family Secret Santa list...

So, I'm sure you can guess what I'm up to... or at least see roughly where this is heading.

Thanks to all those who offered ideas, suggestions, and comments to the previous post. Most welcome!!

I'll post more details of the new project in a few days...


  1. VSF and NWF complement each other nicely and IHMN makes for a great set of pulpy NWF skirmish rules.

  2. Righto . . . Some call it "Victorian Science Fiction"; others say "steam punk"; and yet others just use theses rules and settings to play 'straight' Colonials.

    The truth is that these often sort of blend themselves together into an alternate reality. Aye, an alternate reality that often reveals itself on green felt surfaces.

    Enjoy it, sir. Enjoy it.

    -- Jeff

  3. TSATF? I knew you were the right sort.

  4. Ah you've succumbed! You are scratching the itch you weak man!

    Leaving pike & shotte for a younger more steamy model, this will end in tears I tell you. What will become of the established order of your collection? You'll never finish what you have started.

    But it'll be fun! Scratch away I say - Scratch & enjoy yourself!!!

  5. Thanks guys. I'm enjoying having something fresh to plan...
    Don't worry, the 18 Century collection is still paramount... In fact, I will be working on it over the Xmas holidays, and thr Jan/ Feb.
    Don't expect to see too much evidence of the new project yet in terms of painted stuff.
    Thanks again for visiting and commenting...

  6. Playing IHMN has delayed me from finishing my ECW project! Be careful.