Friday 29 May 2020

Fifth Meeting

Tomorrow sees the fifth meeting of the Virtual Wargames Club... a little venture that began on Saturday 2nd May, and has progressed to the level that I'm now curating a whole load of photos from the members who each week regale us with tales of lockdown painting and gaming.

Turning these pictures into slideshows for all to see during the meetings is great fun, because I get a real sense of the breadth of this hobby...
This week we've got everything from ancients to Stalingrad, and all stations in between, including some naval stuff too.

We also have a member each week describe their own painting methodology. Last Saturday, Paul (of Grimsby Wargaming) shared his tips for maintaining his high quality output, in the huge quantities he does. We all learned a lot... 

This week, I can tell you that, amongst other things, Chris Gregg's description of how he has created the most amazing model of Stalingrad promises to be a real highlight... with plenty of pictures, including some stunning comparison shots showing old photos of the city and his model version. Brilliant. 

So, if you'd like to join our growing little band of virtual members, drop me an email (details are on the right of this blog).

Many of our members are regular bloggers (links to their online journals are to the right hand side), and yet many members are not bloggers at all.
Some members are very confident in sharing their painting, modelling and gaming pictures, others are fine with taking more of a back-seat and just simply enjoying the chat.
All levels of contribution are most welcome.

It's a real opportunity to connect with wargamers all over the globe.
We've got members from Manila to Michigan, Dundee to Dallas.

There really is room for everyone... or 'zoom for everyone'.
And if you've never used zoom before (where have you been this past 10 weeks?), you'll receive full instructions in advance. It's really simple, and enjoyable... stay as long as you like, pop in for a few minutes, or join us for the full 90.

Look forward to seeing you: Saturday at 1700 UK time.

All the best


  1. Looking forward to it, Phil! See you tomorrow.


  2. Thanks for the time you devote to this Phil. I greatly enjoyed showing off my little lockdown project on Saturday. Thoroughly recommend joining the VWC to anyone who appreciates the company of other enthusiasts and is missing it as I was. Chris