Saturday 23 May 2020

Time for Action - and so it begins

When on operational duty, Maximillian von Bruch seldom slept well.
The dawn light had woken him early, one of the few perils of campaigning in the spring-summer season. At least he had enjoyed a hearty breakfast as all around him the drummers of his infantry battalions were beating to quarters, and a general striking of tents and bivouacs was being overseen by screaching sergeants as the army began to make ready to march to battle.

As Brigadier of the Pils Holstein infantry, today he would be taking orders from Prinz Albrecht who took overall field command.
Accompanying his two Pils Holstein infantry battalions (The Leibgarde and the Kronprinz Grenadiers) were the Kronenbrau Kuirassiers, and already they were readying their mounts and making final preparations before the march.

They would be joined by a Prussian infantry battalion (Alt Braunschweig), as long as Tipsi Pipsi and her Holstein Hussars had found them and led them to the correct rendezvous point.

Halting only to pose for the obligatory pre-match team photo, the Pils Holstein command staff began the day with an air of confidence...

ADC Lord Fulchester (a Briish Major on secondment to Pils Holstein); Prinz Albrecht and standard bearer; Maximillian von Bruch; Tipsi Pipsi and her ADC, Major Ligue.

Across the fields, and also marching to battle were The French...

ADC Captain Soutair of the Lancers de Saxe; Prinz Maurice de Saxe and standard bearer; The Marquis de Genitalia (commander of French infantry); Brigadier Jean d'Arfeld (commander of French cavalry)

And so the armies arrived at the place of battle, near a crossroads.
Here is the deployment map and a few images of the armies lined up for action...

May their dice roll high!


  1. It does one good to see such lovely units on a wargames table, thanks for the morale boost.

  2. Nice setup, should be an interesting game

  3. What a wonderful way to begin a long weekend, by gazing at the various photos of your figures and table. The sketch map ain't half bad either. Inspirational as always. See you in about 90 minutes.

    Best Regards,


  4. This promises to be a bloody encounter! Love the command groups.

  5. Looking forward to this very much Phil.

  6. Excellent command vignettes & a very pretty table top to encounter to tinker with. It looks a manageable size too.
    Best wishes,

  7. Very pretty indeed Phil...
    It’s always nice to get your toys out and play...

    All the best. Aly

  8. Straight out of "The Wargame" Phil, excellent stuff.
    Thank you for all the inspiration.

    keep safe and happy gaming,
    Willz Harley.

  9. Great stuff Phil, I only wish I had been as productive. Still, the brushes beckon. All the best.

  10. Very nice indeed and good to see the line up of characters, and also to see the Nassau Saarbruchen Hussars again. If Tipsi needs an ADC does she have an actual command function? If so she might like to pitch her force against my Countess Natasha Gruzinskaya's brigade of Grunberg Cavalry one day (Uhlans, Hussars and Dragoons).

  11. Nice to see an old favourite replayed.
    If anyone would like to see a different sort of "imaginations", I do Napoleonics.