Thursday, 16 March 2023

Ducal Infantry

The Duchy of Bavetta maintains a professional company of Halberdiers under the command of Marco Baggio.

Note the blue cross as a replacement for the traditional red cross of Milan.

Flags were downloaded from the Outpost GY Facebook group and overpainted.

Figures are metal Perry miniatures from their 1450-1500 European range. 

Each unit in the army has its own 'Disarray' token in the form of a casualty figure.


  1. Very nice indeed.
    Alan Tradgardland

  2. Superb casualty marker, adding the shield really sets it off.

  3. Cracking work once again Phil! I love the flags and how the cross is replicated on the shield design, which naturally gives that visual cohesiveness to the group. This approach has certainly given me something to consider for when I turn my brushes to my ImagiNations forces:).

  4. Cracking looking unit,really nice and second Norms comment on the casualty marker, quite superb!

  5. Fantastic colour scheme Phil.