Sunday 26 March 2023

On a roll...

 ... a Swiss roll.

For my Italian Condottiere project, circa 1480ish, I have included a Swiss mercenary pike block.

Under the 'Never Mind The Billhooks' rules, this represents 2 companies of infantry.

Whilst in the deluxe rulebook there are many special rules appertaining to fielding a Swiss army, I have decided to simply count these as Veteran pikemen. They are dressed in the livery of the canton Uri, and carry that flag too.

Figures are Perry Miniatures (metals), flag was downloaded from an online image and then overpainted.

That completes the first army for this project.

Thanks to all who have commented and encouraged, both here and on Facebook. 

Right, what's next? The enemies of these chaps I suspect...


  1. Lovely looking regiment Phil!


  2. They are lovely!! Love the colour scheme, very effective, cracking looking unit!

  3. Lovely, lovely work there Phil!

  4. Terrific stuff indeed Phil. Full of intent, as the Swiss should be. No doubt thinking of more treasures to plunder following those of the Duke of Burgundy.
    P.S is the Uri commander called Geller by any chance?

  5. Forgot to add my name to the above, someone has to take responsibility!
    Alan Tradgardland

  6. Another fine unit Phil. You are painting at a fair old speed. Now that you have the pikemen add the bear mascot. It makes a very nice vignette.

  7. Definitely on a roll, you can tell you’re really enjoying this project and the unit looks excellent

  8. Splendid progress on your project Phil!

  9. Clever idea to use the Uri yellow/black theme - it preserves a red theme for your red army!